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Our Staff

Our Staff

Meet our Staff

Dan Matthews

Dr. Dan Matthews, M.D.

Translating laboratory research into clinical applications, Dr. Daniel Matthews has pioneered the successful treatment of childhood limbic rage syndrome, which as of DSM 5, largely meets the criteria for a diagnosis of Disruptive mood Dysregulation Disorder. Dr. Matthews’ procedures are to evaluate, diagnose and treat identified electrical abnormalities, much like treatment of a seizure disorder, rather than as a learned or behavioral disorder.

By using the Cognitrace System, a quantitative electroencephalograph (qEEG) for deep or limbic brain electrical activity analysis, with auditory and visual evoked responses, in addition to routine EEG, and appropriate mood stabilizing, anti-seizure medications, Dr. Matthews’ methods have demonstrated a reduction in the frequency and severity of pathological aggression in over 80 percent of medication compliant patients followed in the last twenty years. Since the early 1970’s, his research into specialized assessments and medical stabilization of impulsive, explosive pathological violence led to his development of new therapeutic procedures which have become national standards of care for these children and adolescents.

Before joining UHS in 1995, Dr. Matthews was medical director for psychiatric treatment centers in Texas and North Carolina, and maintained a private practice. Previously, he was a clinical associate professor at Duke University School of Medicine, and was the state’s psychiatric consultant to the Willie M federal class action suit for North Carolina state programs that dealt with violent youth.

Dr. Matthews received his medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. He completed two years of residency in general psychiatry followed by two residency years in child psychiatry at the University of Texas Medical Branch hospital.

His research on aggressive and violent children and adolescents has been presented nationally and internationally at major neuropsychiatry, psychiatry and behavioral conferences, and published in leading psychiatric journals. He is a member of the American Neuropsychiatric Association and the Titus Harris Medical Society.

Lydia G. Galvan

Lydia G. Galvan, FACHE

Lydia has worked for Dr. Matthews, and Neurobehavioral Systems, for 25 years. Her primary role is to provide the information about Dr. Matthews’ approach to treating emotionally dyscontrolled children and teens to prescribers.

Lydia says the best part of her job is hearing from families who say that they now have hope for their child’s future.

Her over 40-year behavioral health career has included direct patient involvement, program administration, national and international business development, national project management, and in the last few years, a focus on professional and medical education continuing education. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.H.A. in Health Administration from Texas State University from which she received The Rappaport Award for Outstanding Healthcare Graduate Student in 2009. She is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Lydia is a native Texan from a Spanish land grant family who’ve been Texas ranchers since 1750. She loves to travel, experience art museums, enjoy good books and volunteer.

Heather Gutierrez

Heather Gutierrez

Heather is usually the first voice parents and professionals speak with in contacting our office. Her many roles include assisting parents who wish to obtain outpatient Neuropsychiatric Testing for their child. This also involves arranging for a collaborative relationship with the referring prescriber on behalf of the child.

The favorite and most rewarding part of her job, according to Heather, is hearing from families for whom Dr. Matthews’ consultation was life-changing. Heather has had a twenty year career in healthcare and in other administrative positions. She is a native Austinite and eighth generation Central Texan. She enjoys kayaking, the beach, hockey, spending time with her family and finding new adventures to experience with her son.

We’re Here to Help

Neurobehavioral Systems specializes in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychiatric brain disorders in children and teens. If you know a young person struggling with impulsive aggression and has had difficulty with treatment in the past, Neurobehavioral Systems may be able to help. Call 800-272-4641 today to inquire about an assessment and treatment.