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What is Neuropsychiatry?

What is Neuropsychiatry?


Neurobehavioral treatment is an evidenced-based treatment approach designed specifically for youth with impulsive aggression.

A vast scientific literature has shown that impulsive aggression is more biological than premeditated aggression and more responsive to medication When a child or adolescent shows recurrent episodes of aggression that is disruptive and maladaptive, they may be described as showing pathological aggression. Aggression of this type is the most common reason for referral to mental health services and the most difficult to manage.

What is Neuropsychiatry?

Neuropsychiatry has become a medical specialty committed to the care of individuals with neurologically-based disturbances of cognition, behavior, and mood. The American Neuropsychiatric Association now provides board examinations for certification in this specialty. Neuropsychiatry treats patients who have additional disorders of brain function from problems during pregnancy, premature or difficult birth, head injury, developmental disorders, or genetic disorders. Neuropsychiatric youth are described as over-reactive to minor provocation, out of control, highly emotional, and more responsive to medication.

We’re Here to Help

Neurobehavioral Systems specializes in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychiatric brain disorders in children and teens. If you know a young person struggling with impulsive aggression and has had difficulty with treatment in the past, Neurobehavioral Systems may be able to help. Call 800-272-4641 today to inquire about an assessment and treatment.