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Outpatient Testing and Consultation

Outpatient Testing and Consultation

Outpatient Testing and Consultation with Neurobehavioral Systems

How is Neuropsychiatric Treatment Different?

Children and teens, with irritability, or impulsive or explosive aggression may have an untreated brain disorder. Traditional psychiatry has often been unsuccessful for these more neurologically complex youth.

A Neuropsychiatric assessment can be conducted on an outpatient basis to diagnose or rule out a brain disorder. Findings assist in the selection of specific medications to treat areas identified as unstable. Functional impairments, learning disabilities and other obstacles to treatment can also be identified.

While each patient’s situation may have unique complicating factors, this method has reported success in preventing rehospitalization in 80 percent of children with impulsive, explosive aggression at one year after discharge from residential treatment.

Several risk factors may indicate that a child would benefit from a thorough assessment of brain function, and psychosocial issues.

Indicators Of Possible Brain Disorder

  • Repetitive rage behavior (Pathological Aggression) with no provocation or gain
  • Impulsivity with impulsive aggression
  • Chronic irritability
  • Poor planning skills (runaway with no plan, no money, nowhere to go)
  • Short attention span and poor memory
  • Laboratory evidence (abnormal CT scan, MRI, EEG)
  • History of neurological disease (seizure disorder, encephalitis)
  • Abnormal Neuropsychological test results
  • Head injury or multiple concussions
  • Exposure by fetus to toxic substances (medications/substance abuse in pregnancy)
  • Lack of prenatal care, difficult pregnancy or childbirth with late development
  • No birth history or early developmental history available due to adoption

Outpatient Forms and Information

We’re Here to Help

Neurobehavioral Systems specializes in the assessment and treatment of neuropsychiatric brain disorders in children and teens. If you know a young person struggling with impulsive aggression and has had difficulty with treatment in the past, Neurobehavioral Systems may be able to help. Call 800-272-4641 today to inquire about an assessment and treatment.